The Rock Lookout

The Rock Lookout Mulgoa Blue Mountains National Park NSW Australia.

The Rock Lookout is located in the very beautiful and picturesque Mulgoa Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park.

You can access this lookout from Fairlight Rd at Mulgoa. There is a dirt track that is suitable for normal cars and isn’t too long before you reach the lookout point, just be mindful of a few potholes and tree branches so do a go slow.

There are no toilets or any other facilities here except for a carpark. A short walk down the track, perhaps 10 minutes depending on how fast you walk –  which isn’t too steep, and you will come to a series of rocky platforms which will give you small glimpses of the Nepean River. This lookout has become overgrown with large trees and shrubs, but is still worth visiting.

Blue Mountains National Park NSW Australia.

We set out on this track around 11.30 am and it became quite hot here as there isn’t much shade along the track itself. I really love this area with the sparkling Nepean River below. A few native shrubs were in bloom and speed boats casually cruised the river.

The Rock Lookout and Nepean River.

Photography wise, depending on how creative you are, it’s not too bad. These shots were taken in the middle of the day and I think I would really like to come back here early in the morning and do a little bit more exploring around this area. There is another trail with more views of the Nepean River, but it is a lot longer. On our way back to the car park we saw two people on horse back taking the longer trail, that’s a good idea.







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