Time To Heal

Yellow Stems of Magnolia Little Gem.

Yellow Stamens - Magnolia Little Gem

The recent bush fire crisis has kept me indoors most of the time over the last few months and continues to do so as the air here and in a lot of areas is thick with smoke, dust and ash particles most days. This is one from 2019 when Magnolia Little Gem sported it's first magnificent flower.

Our first decent rain fall started last night and continued early into this morning. Dirt, dust and ash has been washed away and the air had a reasonably clean, crisp, coolness to it. As the morning has worn on the smoke is returning from the three major fires that surround us.

The bush fire crisis, I think, has taken it's toll on so many people. So many lives have been lost. Too many animals have died and suffered. So much of our native vegetation has been destroyed, some of which may never return.

Despair, anxiety and depression has touched so many people, not only those that have been directly involved, but also those of us like me, who have had to sit and watch helplessly as the horror of Australia's bush fire crisis unfolded.

I suffered and still am suffering from extreme anxiety, stress and depression. I cried as I saw what was happening every day as the fires left their devastating mark on our land, on our hearts.

I stayed inside as the air was too smoky and filled with ash particles to breathe. I rejoiced  only recently when one or two days were clear, and I could see blue sky and the sun didn't look like some demon from hell.

Our fires are still raging, but not as fierce thanks to milder weather conditions and some recent rain in some parts, along with the magnificent work, time and effort of our Fire Fighters who are putting everything they have into constraining these fires, saving houses and properties, saving lives.

Some of our fires have been caused by arson, some have been caused by lightning strikes, and other natural causes, some have been caused by back burning. God has not abandoned Australia, nor has he been rejected by Australians.

Drought and hot, dry, windy conditions have provided fuel for the fires. Over the years Australia has become hotter and drier with less rain and more erratic weather conditions. There are still so many places in Australia that have been untouched by fire, still so many places that have clean air. A lot of Australia's native vegetation has the ability to re - grow after fire, some of it doesn't. We need decent rainfall to start this process. It will take many years before the fire ravaged land will look anything near to what it was like before, and then, it will never be the same.

I can't say the crisis is over yet as we are still in the middle of summer with February being the hottest time of year, but I think it's time to start healing now and to support those of us who need it most.

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