Rich red autumn colour of Maple Leaves in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

The Blue Mountains in NSW Australia is home to a wide and diverse range of native fauna and flora, with some species yet to be discovered. There are many walks, trails and lookouts where you can not only take in the views but also appreciate what lies around you. Some of these trails and walks are short and some can last for many days.

Native flowers such as Banksia and Acacia species as well as many others are in bloom at certain times of the year, and birds such as the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo and the Crimson Rosella can be seen if you look closely enough.

Rocks and tree trunks provide interesting texture, and often enough have lichens, and ferns growing on them providing more interest. There are many caves in the Blue Mountains, some are well known, and some are yet to be discovered. Abseiling, bush walking, and bike riding are all popular in the mountains, as well as bird watching and Photography.

Here in the mountains it is not only what is to be seen, but also what stimulates the senses. In some places such as Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath you can catch the strong heady scent of the Eucalyptus trees which surround and lie in the forest below. The sound of crunchy leaves and bark under foot, and the sigh of the wind as it rustles Autumn leaves to the ground.

When the landscape has little to offer for Photography, there is nature surrounding you. Take a moment, step back, look around, or just simply enjoy.