Timeless & Ethereal, Leading You Into Another World Where Fantasy Blends Into Reality


Karen is a well known and highly esteemed Fine Art Flower & Landscape Photographer of the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia.

Her Photography has been described as being "Timeless & Ethereal"

And has been admired by many people,

 Inspiring them along their own photographic journeys.


My love of nature and gardening has taken me to many places in NSW, and especially the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia.

Photography has always been a part of my life, more so now than ever before.

I seek to capture the beauty and essence of my subjects,

and sometimes I will go back to the same place many times just to get that shot, or just because it's such a beautiful place.

Photography to me is being out there, exploring new places and enjoying life to it's fullest.

Photography is all about light. Early morning light, evening light, day time light.

Light is affected by the weather and the seasons, and so is colour.

I also do a lot of day time photography. It's something you really need to accomplish to become a better photographer.

The light is often times harsher, the shadows are stronger, but also sometimes colours are deeper and more saturated.

Photography in the rain is a challenge, and I have often found myself out there raincoat on,

and over my gear, or ducking in and out of showers as they occur.

Cloudy weather, overcast days are great for daytime photography as the light is more subdued.

And mist - mist and fog is wonderful.


My camera gear is very basic.  I don't believe you need a lot of stuff or a high end camera to take great shots.

Nikon DSLR camera's and lenses have been used in all my photography over the years,

and these range from the d3200 d7200 to Nikons D810.

"Photography as a craft is a challenge and takes a great many years to master,

Photography as an Art requires more imagination, time, and thought."